Data Security

Columbia University's enterprise license with LabArchives included an extensive data security review by CUIT and CUIMC-IT.  

    Our agreement with LabArchives includes a BAA and includes measures that protect the intellectual property and security of your research data.  

    Please note: At this time, LabArchives may be used on all CU campuses, but is approved only for use in research (other than research studies involving the provision of health care services for which study subjects are billed).

    To ensure a secure connection between your computer and your LabArchives account when your are off-campus, it is recommended that you set up a connection through CUIT VPN or CUIMC-IT VPN.

    Security Controls include:

    • Encryption of data in transit and at rest
    • Firewalls and other security devices on all servers
    • Monitoring of all network traffic for suspicious activity
    • Regular testing, upgrades, and patching for vulnerabilities
    • Regular third party security audits